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, sunshine. i'm robin meade. here's what's going on. a manhunt is under way for a north carolina man who planned a terrorist attack. what we know about a terrorist cell made up of mostly americans. >>> well, investigators searched the home of michael jackson's daughter again, who reportedly gave him a powerful drug. what they may be looking for now. >>> plus can tanning beds cause cancer? well, we're going to tell you who says yes and why. >>> first, though, authorities are looking for an eighth member now of an alleged north carolina terror group. they say the suspects planned a quote, violent jihad overseas. seven others were arrested on monday on charges of supporting terrorism and conspiracy to commit murder abroad. one of our analysts told our sister network cnn that they might have also had a closer target in mind. >> i think the reason why they wrapped up the case at this time is they were thwarted in carrying out a jihad overseas and with the massive arsenal they received, they believed it was an infidel target that could be targeted and that meant they were prepared to die in th
. >>> meanwhile, president obama pushes health care reform today at town hall meetings in north carolina and virginia. the effort remains a struggle. any chance for a congressional vote before the summer recess has become a faint hope. susan roberts is in washington with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: michelle, good morning to you. seven hours of closed talks on the hill last night between leading house democrats and the white house chief of staff ended with no deal. lawmakers emerged with the same merge, we're making progress. president obama is taking his fight to health care reform back on the road. >> we've got to get a better bang for our health care dollar. >> reporter: a day after he made his case in d.c., the president will make the rounds again today at town hall meetings in north carolina and virginia. many americans in other parts of the country are also joining in on the call to overhaul the nation's health care system. >> within the state of wisconsin alone, there's over 13,500 medical bankruptcies annually. most of the people started out with some sort of medical in
citizens charged with supporting radical islamic terrorism. >> seven north carolina men, alleged to have trained here at home for a, quote, violent jihad overseas. >> this morning, the men are being held at an undisclosed lockup, far from the town where they trained. john hendren has the details. >> reporter: good morning, jeremy and vinita. a senior law enforcement official tells abc news, if alleged plot in rural north carolina, is the latest example of islamic radicals recruiting on american soil. the fbi is calling it a homegrown terror plot. seven north carolina men are charged with supporting terrorism and conspiring to commit murder abroad. the fbi raided the home of the alleged ring leader, 39-year-old daniel boyd. maybes say they're bewildered. >> it's scary to me. to be honest with you. that makes me nervous for my children. i spoke with him on several occasions. and never was there any idea that he was involved in something like that. >> reporter: according to the indictment, daniel boyd went to pakistan and afghanistan, and received military-style training in terrorist traini
in north carolina, any connection to what's happening down in south carolina? >> reporter: that remains to be seen right now. but there does appear to be promise of a break in this case. this morning a shooting occurred at a home in gastonia, north carolina, about 30 miles from her where we are in gaffney. it came in as a burglary call. a woman saw suspicious behavior in a home across the street. police find three people in the home. one of the man had an outstanding warrant. the guy they say pulls a gun and shoots the police officer in the leg. the officer returns fire, killing that suspect. now, here is what has this serial killer task force so interested. they say there was a vehicle that the man that they shot was in a ford explorer suv that is very similar to the vehicle that the suspect in the serial killings here in gaffney was seen driving. they also say he is a very close physical match. he's a large man about 6'2", 250 pounds with a similar type face and wearing a ball cap. and so they're questioning now the two people that were inside that home with the man. our reporter on t
of this story doesn't make sense so far. those seven terror suspects in north carolina will appear in federal court tomorrow. so we may hear more about what the government has on them then. the alleged ringleader, daniel boyd, is a drywall worker, the son of a u.s. marine, and a convert to islam. among those held are two of his own sons, also muslim. i want you to watch this. cnn has talked to the wife of daniel boyd and heard a different version of what the family was up to, different than what the feds are saying. here is jeanne meserve. >> reporter: prosecutors say that daniel boyd, a u.s. citizen, the son of a marine, conspired to wage jihad overseas. they explained he recruited among other things two of his own sons. the mother of those boys, daniel boyd's wife, sabrina, is offering explanations for the accusations being made by the government. daniel boyd fought in afghanistan in the early 1990s but settled in north carolina. he and his two sons were among seven people arrested monday on terrorism charges. his wife tells cnn, they are innocent. >> i know that my husband and my sons are
weapons. right now president obama is on his way to north carolina where he will be holding the first of two town hall meetings today. the first will be in virginia. both happen to be homes of blue dog democrats. that is where his health care reform bill is seeing opposition. on the senate side, there were some reports of progress. what are you hearing from top negotiators? >> there is something called the gang of six,ç three democrats d republicans, who sit on the senate finance committee, where they are working on their version of the health care bill. and a leader is the democrat from montana max baucus. last night he indicated that they were close to a deal. this morning newspapers reflected that, butç just this morning, as he was entering capital, we obtained a memo from the chief aide to senator baucus. it was sent to some other members of the senate finance committee. it reads, while progress had been made, neither an accord or announcement is imminent. in fact, a significant policy issues remain to be discussed among members, and any one of these issues could preclude bipa
. >>> the fedding raid a home in north carolina and arrest several jihad suspects. >>> also, are we close enough to finding out how michael gentleman can son died. the police narrow their focus to michael jackson's personal doctor. we have live reports coming up. don't go anywhere. aarp understands that. that's why they endorse products from top companies... so people 50 plus can choose health coverage options... as unique as they are. call or visit for free information that let you select the coverage you want... and skip what you don't. let's say you want to start your own business. a major medical plan could make it easy... to get those employer-like health benefits. you may want dental coverage, too. call now and find plans that include... three cleanings a year and long-term care plans... that help protect your retirement assets; for peace of mind down the road. maybe you're working part-time but you still want... prescription drug or vision discounts? call now for big savings on eye exams... and 30% savings on eye wear at national retailers. because you don't just want
>>> the north carolina woman tells cnn her husband is not a terrorist. and daniel boyd and six other raleigh men are accused of plotting attacks abroad. >>> president obama due to land in north carolina this hour. he will hold another town hall on health care reform. >>> remember last summer's fuelishness? yes, the government tries to head off another streak of run-away gas prices by cracking down on speculators. i'm tony harris and you are in the "cnn newsroom." >>> first, this hour, homeland security secretary janet napolitano outlining the obama administration's strategy to prevent the next 9/11. it's not a wholesale revision of bush policies rather tweaks for instance napolitano announced a program to improve communication between federal, state and local authorities. it would close information gaps by bringing bureaucrats together under one roof. napolitano calls them fusion centers. she wants 70 of them nationwide. the secretary spoke at the council on foreign relations in new york. >> the threats we face are, by their very nature, a symmetrical. terrorism has become priv
that a suspect shot and killed in north carolina is, in fact, believed by police to be the south carolina serial killer. the shooting happened in gas tone i can't, north carolina, just about a half hour from gaffney south carolina, that's the area where the serial killer is believed to have murdered at least five people. the spree, we believe, began nine days ago. the first victim this man, a peach farmer. his wife found him dead in their home. then, wednesday of last week, relatives found the bodies of a woman and her 83-year-old mother. we're told they had been tied up and shot to death. the very next day, the killer apparently struck again and murdered a man in and his 15-year-old daughter as they closed up their family furniture store. the father, we're told, died at the scene. but his daughter, we're told, fought to live for two days before she died in a hospital. mary ann silber with breaking news now in gaffney, south carolina. marianne, i believe police have just spoken. what do they say. >> investigators think they have the man responsible for the five killings over the last week that h
in on his doctor. >>> and of all places, raleigh-durham, north carolina, seven men under arrest for plotting to export terrorism. those stories and more just ahead. thank you for joining us. >>> let's look at the weather with justin berk. good morning. >> good morning. straight up 6:00. we've got ourselves a very warm setup. in fact a little muggy this morning. i want to take you back to stevenson where we have a little fog. and we had a shower last night roll through carroll and northern baltimore county. and there may be fog in those spots that got that overnight rain bath. we got 70 degrees now in stevenson. also in cockeysville and churchville. 73 parkville. on the bottom side of the beltway, 73 glen burnie. we're clear now on maryland's most powerful doppler radar but a partly sunny sky will give way to just an isolated storm this afternoon. 89 is going to come with some sticky humidity and it's going to feel warmer than that but we'll actually increase our chance of rain as we head through tomorrow. >>> 6:00 a.m. if you have not heard yet, it's kim brown's birthday. >> thank you. traf
by lightning on north carolina's outer banks. matthew was jogging along the beach while on vacation in southern shores, north carolina. yesterday evening. authorities say there were severe thunderstorms in the area at the time. he was 49 years old. he was found unconscious along the shoreline. investigators believe he was killed instantly. friend say that he was married and had two children. >>> the accused ringleader of a teor plot hatched in north carolina has ties to the washington area. daniel patrick boyd attended tc williams high school in alexandria 23 years ago. federal authorities arrested him yesterday along with two of his sons and four urts men. they were accused of engaging in military-style training whilei- planning to carry out what is described as violent jihad on u.s. targets overseas. >>> virginia's governor tim kaine will review a report on the virginia tech shooting after a new finding came to light. student gunman cho killed 32 people in april 2007 before he killed himself. last week, officials learned that cho's missing mental health records have been fod. in the house of
ahead on the morning news, a serial killer is gunned down in north carolina. >>> plus new violence flares up in western china on the heels of a deadly protest. >>> first, katie couric with a preview of tonight's "cbs evening news." >> our coverage of "michael jackson the farewell" continues from l.a. we'll take you live to the memorial service with a complete wrap-up on the cbs evening news. and later a 48 hours primetime special. >>> there are new reports of street violence in south western china this morning where at least 156 people have died in clashes with troops and police since sunday. chinese government says more than 1,000 people have been injured and upwards of 1,500 have been arrested. the china's largest region is home to china's largest muslim group, the uighurs, who have been bothered by large numbers of people migrating to their cities. >>> the former girlfriend of steve mcnair bought a gun just days before the shooting. a neve sue of 21-year-old sahel kazemi says police told him of her purchase. the nephew also said police believe she murdered mcnair, a married man,
pushing off the coast of north carolina. they got heavy rainfall in southern portions of virginia down south of richmond. they got strong, gusty thunderstorms. all that activity missed us. we got to see a relatively decent weekend. those temperatures are in the upper 60s and lower 70s. looks like we're going to continue to see a warm-up friend. looking at your next-day planner, clear skies tonight. a full day of sunshine tomorrow. 64 starting off your work day. get those sun glasses ready. it will be a warm 1 in the afternoon. we could top out in the mid to upper 80s and holding on to the the sunshine the next couple of days. >> thank you. >>> you can be in charge of your own personalized forecast. iradar is available at use the interactive tools to track coming storms right down to your street. go to >>> thousands hoping for a glimpse of history. an e-mail lottery is held for tickets to michael jackson's public viewing. what his family is planning for the funeral, next. >>> a deadly day at what is supposed to be the happiest place on e
. well, if you're watching wncn nbc 17 in raleigh, north carolina, journey through history, see the complete story of one of the world's favorite treats, chocolate, at the north carolina museum of natural sciences. that's your eastern event of the day, lynn. >> bill, thanks so much. >>> now let's take a look at your early look at headlines are entertainment. reports cowboy quarterback tony romo dumped jessica simpson on her birthday weekend may seem cold. but late-breaking details made clear what added fuel to his fire. he discovered simpson was still trading text messages with john mayer. simpson and romo had worked through rough patches recently until he found the messages and, quote, went ballistic. >>> after a wild weekend in london, leonardo dicaprio says he's done with his girlfriend. he said, quote, he's definitely single. he was in a high-speed car chase trying to outrun female fans. >>> one couple not only survived, they're going back to the beginning, sort of. dave arquette tells e that he and wife courtney cox will star in scream 4. they fell in love shooting the orig
men in north carolina. investigators say the men were terror training on american soil. while plotting attacks overseas. >> new information coming out that alleged ringleader daniel boyd and his son were denied entry into israel back in 2007. and may have been detained for awhile. federal agents claim boyd was trying to execute and attack in the jewish state during his visit. including north carolina, there have been three different cases of home grown terror arrests in the last few weeks alone. a long island man pled guilty to training in pakistan to blow up subways in europe. in minnesota another man pled guilty to being a part of american born somalis planning to carry out jihad in somalia. >> arrests have been made in places like minneapolis and north carolina. so, i think, better education about the breath of the threat and how it could be carried out is important. but even as we educate. we prepare. >> janet napolitano said the police, military, agencies need the help of citizens to report if there is anything strange going on in their community. at the pentagon, jennifer griffin
, crisp morning, but the afternoon will be gorgeous, 76 degrees. wilmington, north carolina, 90 today. down in florida, 94 and warm in ft. myers. well, lynn, we're going to talk a little bit about the lack of any tropical systems when i come back a little later. >> all right. bill, thanks so much. >>> well, a bank actually puts up good numbers. a tech leader leads by example. and one heck of a billing error. your early morning business headlines are straight ahead. >>> plus, we have the details that will let you decide whether tony romo had a reason for his nasty breakup with jessica simpson. >>> also, the american lead giveth and the american league taketh away. nda could an all-star be headed to philly? you're watching "early today." nd >>> good morning. welcome back to "early today." i'm lynn berry. and here are some of your top headlines this morning. >>> nasa hopes to launch the space shuttle "endeavour" on a mission to the international space station this evening. five previous attempts have bn scrubbed because of bad weather and technical problems. >>> homeland security secreta
news has confirmed a local connection it the terrorist plot uncovered in north carolina. daniel boyd went to school in alexandria and his mother lives here. audrey barnes has the details. >> reporter: daniel boyd is charged with military-style training and plotting terrorism overseas. it may have started soon after he left alexandria when his high school sweetheart who told him hours before the wedding she was converting to islam. alexandria public school officials have confirmed that daniel boyd attended the high school here from 1984 to june of 19 85. his wife sabrina was also a student there. the couple was living in this quiet north carolina committee when federal officials swooped in, arresting him and charging him and others for training for terrorist attacks. >> everybody is shocked. >> reporter: sources say he played on the state football team had they won the championship. an and sabrina married and inant ghtaanafn isst and afghanistan from 1989 tost 1992 in 1991 he and his older brother were arrested for robbing a bank in pakistan. we went to the condo complex in silver spr
moving in. we have some high clouds coming in as well from north carolina, and so aeyre g aiving us some more cover. nevertheless, it looks and feels great. mclane, 82 degrees. damascus, 77. here is the kicker, dew points are quite low, so it does not feel very humid. usually we are into the 60's 70's. let me show you the doppler radar right now. there is one sprinkle southwest of the metro area, entering harrisonburg. that will stay out of the metro area and we should remain dry throughout the afternoon and evening. now let us get a wider view of what is happening. i mentioned that system over north carolina. that is sending us some clouds. we are daunting most of the cloud cover, but far south and west, in the shenandoah valley, that is where we have most of the affects of this disturbance. a high pressure system off of new england moving along the coastline, and that is giving us a cool easterly flow. highs in 80's today. tomorrow another cool day. however, warmer weather will come in late friday and by the weekend. that is when we will feel the increase in the camp -- humanity. with
help, we're going to make it happen, north carolina. thank you very much, everybody. god bless you. >>> well, summer school seminar in health care. otherwise known as a presidential town hall at broughton high school. yes, you see right there, in raleigh, north carolina. it's one of many such events in president obama's campaign to make health care a right and an obligation for all americans. >>> but, first, back in washington, big signs we're finding out now of progress on both sides of the capitol. on the house side, cnn has now learned that the logjam arising from resistance by so-called blue dog democrats is easing. while over in the senate, behind closed doors, the so-called group of six, three democrats, three republicans, don't have a done deal yet, but we're being told they're pretty pleased with what they've done so far. >> okay. we have some good news. last night we received a preliminary report from the congressional budget office. the cbo has reviewed a draft of the health care reform bill we are currently negotiating. keep in mind, the current draft does not include re
compete. host: north carolina. lindy, a democrat. are you with us? caller: i have heard president obama makes similar speeches, and as an educator, this is the strongest message american needs. what he is saying to parents, i think, is foremost. there has been researching don criticizing teachers in the past 20 years but not much has been said about the responsibility of parents. if we look at other cultures, children and adults who come from india and china and some of these other countries that we are competing with, and you talk to those now adults, professional adults, about how education was treated in their homes and in their societies, their parents emphasized over and over and over again exactly the message that president obama is emphasizing, that education is the most important thing to a strong future and harping on this. and parents being willing to literally fell up their homes and new -- fill up their homes and use the money -- sell their homes and use the money to bring their children for america because they realize the importance for their children and for their family'
love to hear from you. now to this story. this is a truly frightening tale in north carolina. is america now becoming a new home base for terrorists? (announcer) big news for stiff joint sufferers. to improve joint comfort in as little as six days. six days, that's fast! (announcer) joint supplement pills are history, because elations powerful formula is more absorbable than pills, delivering clinically proven levels of glucosamine and chondroitin in a great-tasting drink you enjoy every day. it tastes absolutely delicious. goodbye horse pills. i've got it working for me. (announcer) elations. the new standard in joint health. martha: you have heard a lot about the blue dogs, the fiscally conservative democrats. they have reached a deal in the energy and commerce committee. this is the third of three panels that were working on the version of health-care reform. all three are about to put forward a health care reform bill. in it, they cut $100 billion. they will not vote on anything until september. we will go to the details. rick: is the u.s. becoming a home base for interna
morning. >> there is a tropical system that is spinning off the coast of north carolina. bad news for the vacationers near ocean city, because it is going to be somewhat of a washout. the shorts are already hitting the coast line this morning. southern maryland, a couple of strong thunderstorms there. there is a tropical system to the west which is out ahead of a fraud. it will be a humid day today. 75 degrees downtown right now. these are the highest levels we have seen so far in july. i have more on your weekend weather forecast coming up in a little bit. as a check things out with traffic. >> good morning. some problems to look for already this morning if you are heading out. there is a water main break with road closures. we have an accident in another area. there is an accident to watch out for on prospect in bel-air. the inner and outer leaves are running smoothly this morning. no accidents on the paris for expressway or the jfx. that is the latest. back to you. >> our big story this morning, president obama continues his push for health care reform today in ohio. he used hi
along with others work allegedly plotting a jihad in north carolina. and an airport is sharing millions of dollars in funding. the money comes from the $3 billion from the homeland security stimulus part of the package. and there are dangers if you are planning to go to the tanning salon. we will tell you about them coming up. and colin powell takes the stand in the arrest against a popular black scholar. >> the police raided a pawn shop. we will sort out the in fr >> barakat, a police have -- fairfax county police are investigating the attack on a woman. it was not a random crime. this comes a day after police say they will review surveillance video captured outside of her home. outagt aed theo tousands of t ah dollars of merchandise wheeled out of her business. a reporter has more on the controversy. >> it is part of a crackdown on theft by police. the owner says what happened to him is criminal. >> police kept pulling items out of her pawnshop. there was a $3,000 bike to tools to a flat screen televisions. >> police knew excutly when we bought it and how much we pay for it. >> police
from from north carolina. ms. foxx: thank you, mr. speaker. i thank my colleague from massachusetts for yielding time. while we disagree on issues, it's clear that he's passionate about this issue. mr. speaker, i come before you today deeply concerned by closed rule we have before us. throughout this appropriations season, the democrat majority has taken unprecedented steps to silence both the minority and their own democrat colleagues by offering all appropriations bills under closed rules. this is consistently eliminated the ability for members to speak up for how their constituents believe their money should be spent. but today marks a record in modern history. today the democrat majority has gone even further by surpassing the number of restrictive rules ever offered during appropriations season in the house of representatives. mr. speaker, when republicans were in the majority, the most regular appropriations bills considered under a restrictive rule in any single season was four in 1997, which was before my colleague, mr. dreier, was the chairman. today with the addition of th
of the reform bill and the blue dogs had said it cost too much. in raleigh, north carolina, the president was reassuring his audiences in spite of what critics say, people shouldn't be afraid of reform. >> i have been as clear as i can be under the reform i proposed, if you like your doctor, you keep your doctor. if you like your health care plan, you keep your health care plan. these folks need to stop scaring everybody. you know? >> even with the agreement today, the house measure may not head to the floor for a vote until after the august recess. >>> they'd be cranking up the heat. the ac i should say in the pacific northwest if they had any. it's the heat that's really cranking up. triple digit temperatures triggered heed advisories in a region known for its cool weather here. the forecast high for seattle today is 100. which would make it the hottest day on record there. the unusual heat wave has lasted for several days at this point but winds off the pacific ocean may cool things down a bit. hopefully by friday for all of you there. >>> we're learning even more about the final momen
to the west and southwest ofhe metro area. when you get to the western sections of north carolina, the mid south, back across this cold front, there is a lot of sharon storm activity that will be converging ahead of this front. -- there's a lot of shower and a storm activity that will be converging ahead of the storm. let's take a look. we have three stops for you. in silver springs, it is 91 degrees. it is 93 degrees in heights buildiyattsville. let's talk about the pollen count. there was backup today. -- theat was back up today. this is the ninth time this season that we have hit 90 degrees or better. the normal regime is 37 times. it is 91 degrees in frederick. it is on to stay warm and muggy through the evening hours. it is 93 degrees in raleigh. it is cooler in west carolina. in the midwest, there are a lot of 70's. when you get to the sunshine houston, it is 96 degrees during now. the tropical moisture flow just off shore today, we are getting the feel of that humidity. tomorrow, we will be able to make up this cold front as it pushes into our theater. it will give us some extra lif
baltimore get more money to put more cops out on the city streets? >>> a group broken up in north carolina. what they were about to do. just ahead. >>> and michael vick is allowed to continue his nfl career. what team wants to hire him? that and more for the next two hours right here on "good morning maryland." >> thank you so much for being here. let's send it to justin with a first check of the weather. >> good morning. 4:58. our wake-up window at the bottom of the screen. and we have a muggy morning as we start off with temperatures in the lower 70s for many of us. in fact many of us 70 in churchville, cockeysville, westminster, mount airy. 64 glen burnie. 72 in centreville. just before midnight we had one lone shower in carroll county. locally heavy rain from winchester to manchester and up north of parkton to the pa line. overall that storm dumping a little rain, enough rain to produce fog. we have partly sunny skies today with an isolated thundershower today. two-degree guaranteed high of 89 degrees. it's july 28th. yeah, it's kim's birthday! happy birthday, kim. let's see what's hap
we see in the middle part of july, really dry air all the way, almost down into north carolina? we've had this pattern shift and pattern change. remember back in april and may how moist it was? we were getting a lot of that rain coming our way. now we're into an overall dry pattern. it's a hot one. some places in texas have seen record-high temperatures, like austin, texas. 105 degrees today. there's the leading edge, that boundary of the showers. and the wet weather, which has just moved now into the tide water area. there's still a few showers just to the south. so, the humidity is not that far away. later on in the week, we'll probably be seeing it, down into the coast of north carolina, around wilmington, north carolina. here is why they couldn't get the shuttle off today, more showers coming through cocoa, florida. look at today, another tenth of an inch. they've had over four inches for the month. as we go through the nighttime hours, tomorrow morning, another beautiful morning. lot of sunshine with a dry, high pressure in on us. that will continue with light north to northwe
, north carolina. apparently about a half hour from where all this was going on in south carolina. we've got -- do we have him? david mattingly is standing by on the phone. he will let us know what's going on with this. david, what are police saying? >> reporter: well, at the moment, all eyes from investigators in south carolina and north carolina are on this what looks like a run-down house on a two-lane county road in gaston county, north carolina. that was the scene of a shootout between police officers and a suspect inside the building which happened about 3:00, 3:30 this morning. police were originally called to the scene on a possible robbery call. when they got there, they encountered some people inside the building. one man pulled out a gun and started shooting at the officers, wounded one officer in the leg. police returned fire and killed him. they are now looking to see if this man might be serial killer -- >> i think we just lost david. let me bring mike brooks into this while we try and get david back on the line. does this sounds like it fits the m.o. of what this guy's
states. comes after the arrest of a north carolina man accused of being a ring leader of a group planning a violent jihad. prosecutors say daniel boyd retrieved training years earlier in pakistan and came to recruit people in the united states. we'll look at how violent they are here in this country. >>> a harvard professor, henry lewis gates. the woman who called 911 in the first place trying to do the right thing in the first place, said she feared for her safety. she spoke at a passionate news conference today. >> the criticism at first was so painful for me. it was difficult. i was frankly afraid to say anything. people called me racist and said i caused all the turmoil that followed. and some even said threatening things that made me fear for my safety. >> joins me now from cambridge. has there been any concern, ron, else pressed from local law enforcement that in all the requests that people, if they see something to say something, to be a good neighbor and participate in the neighborhood watches, that this whole incident at all would discourage people from reporting what they perce
been a shooting and confrontation in north carolina. is the suspect from the south carolina serial murder stop in north carolina? we do not know, but we will get late breaking information on that. we are getting new stuff from the president oversees. michael jackson's funeral scheduled for tomorrow. we will be covering that here on fox news. we are about 15 minutes away from a live news conference from the head coach of the tennessee titans' on the untimely death of aaron mcnair yesterday. his girlfriend, married, and his 20-year-old girlfriend dead apparently everybody knew about -- pictures of them on vacation and everything else -- he was shot multiple times, once to the head. the girlfriend was also shot. we were able to confirm that the gun that killed steve mcnair was purchased by his now 20-year-old girlfriend. whether she is a suspect in this case remains to be seen. police have only said that the gun belongs to her. we are slowly putting that together. jeff fisher, coach of the tennessee titans', will be with us in 15 minutes. right now we are looking live at houston, texa
in raleigh, north carolina, president obama addressed what is arguably the second greatest concern about healthcare reform outside of costs. >> we've got to overcome the understandable skepticism that somehow washington can never get anything right. i mean, that's the biggest challenge we have right now. his goal is health insurance for people who can't afford it, or who the companies don't want to sign up. i'm for the public option. >> but republicans are not, and neither are moderate democrats. they worry about unfair competition for private insurance companies and government involvement in healthcare decisions, which is why cooperatives like this one in seattle are getting a long hard look. >> it is a system where patients being actively engaged in their care with their care providers, we believe, ultimately, will be healthier and see better results in the long run r >> health co-ops can hire their own doctors and negotiate ates with doctors and hospitals. this he can provide insurance or organized coverage by other insurers. tax coverage helps lower premiums. experts say it wouldn't
be released on the cause of jackson's death. >>> folks in north carolina are waking up to a story they never thought they'd hear. seven men in the raleigh area are in custody accused of causing a jihad overseas. this morning, the fbi is searching for an eighth member of the group. investigators say the alleged ring leader daniel boyd hung dry wall for a living and recruiting people willing to die as more tirs. but his wife who spoke exclusively to cnn is telling a different story. jeanne meserve is watching this one closely. she's in raleigh this morning. jean, what a bizarre story. >> yeah, daniel boyd is a u.s. citizen, the season of a marine. but prosecutors say he was plotting to commit violent jihad overseas. amongst those he recruited, two of his sons. now the mother of those boys, daniel boyd's wife, sabrina, is offering explanations for the accusations being made by the government. >> reporter: daniel boyd fought in afghanistan in the early 1990s, but had settled in bucolic willow spring, north carolina. he and his two sons were among seven people arrested monday on terrorism charges
north carolina. mr. burr: what's the pending amendment? the presiding officer: the pending amendment is the kyl amendment. mr. burr: mr. president, i ask unanimous consent to set aside the pending amendment. the presiding officer: without objection, so ordered. mr. burr: mr. president, i would ask to call upl amendment 1554, the military spouse's residency relief act. the presiding officer: the clerk will report the amendment. the clerk: the senator from north carolina, mr. burr, for himself and others proposes an amendment numbered 1554. mr. burr: mr. president, i ask unanimous consent that the amendment be considered as read. the presiding officer: without objection, so ordered. mr. burr: mr. president and my colleagues, this is a very simple amendment. it's called the military spouse's residency relief act. under current law our military men and women, about every three years are repositioned in the country or out of the country. their orders change. and when they make that change, it's beneficial to them and, i believe, to society that their spouses and their children go with the
: the gentleman yields back. for what purpose does the gentlelady from north carolina rise? ms. foxx: permission to address the house for one minute, mr. speaker. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, so ordered. ms. foxx: as the american people struggle to make ends meet too many struggle with the challenge of affording basic health care for themselves and their families. republicans want to make high quality health care coverage affordable and accessible for every american and let those who like their current health care coverage keep it. republicans support health care reform that puts patients and their health first and protects the important doctor-patient relationship. democrats are pushing for a government takeover of health care that would have devastating consequences for families and small businesses. a government takeover of health care will raise taxes, ration care, and let government bureaucrats make decisions that should be made by families and their doctors. republicans want to empower patients by making health care more oy afordable, accessible, and accountable. americans w
meanwhile looking for an eighth suspect in connection with an alleged north carolina terror group. daniel boyd, a drywall contractor, and his two sons are among the seven people arrested thus far. they're accused of plotting a violent jihad overseas. investigators say boyd, the son of a marine was the group's ring leader. they say he spent three years in the middle east secretly buying guns and regruting groups to kill and kidnap people. >> i think the reason why they wrapped up the case at this point was that they were this warted in carrying out jihad overseas and with the arsenal they had collected, a massive arsenal, they believed the u.s. was an infidel country and they were ready to die in the operation of carrying out suicide bombs. >> now, a security official says the boyd family tried to get into israel two years ago but were refused entry. the official didn't say why this were he stopped. boyd's wife sabrina is talking about this. she says her family traveled to the middle east for peaceful reasons, including praying for a son who had died in a car crash. she goes on to say that
it an international terror plot busted in north carolina. now we learn that the map who masterminded this has ties to the washington area. daniel boyd was arrested in raleigh on monday along with two of his sons and four other men. they are aused of engaging in military-style training while planning to carry out violent jihad on u.s. targets overseas. >>> 5:on is the time, 78 degrees. the faultline from the corruption scandal involving rabbis and body parts. >>> and why investigators make another raid looking into the death of michael jackson. >>> and ñ >>> he itoss y'da bargain iar'sbys offering specialdadnla .ewey daes sll a summer long >>od tayet gayet g fruit fit ap with any sandwich purchase. go to arby's website to see a list of participating restaurants. >>> we'll talk to chuck bell about the weather out there. we have rain coming, is that right? >> good morning to you, two. good morning once again, everybody. it is timely finally wednesday, hump day, in your workweek. outside it is off to an extremely mild and muggy start. 77 degrees already at 5:00 in the morning here in downtown washin
with this mask. the patient under diprivan. >>> later, a group of men in rural north carolina. new information tonight on the arrests. another suspect still at large. and our own peter bergen on how much of a threat or how little violent jihad is becoming in the united states. whether you consider it a cruiser or a clunker, you could turn it into cash. get to your dodge, chrysler, and jeep dealer, and get up to double the government's cash for your old car. now get up to $4,500 for your old car... plus, up to an additional $4,500 cash allowance. no turn-in? no problem. your dodge, chrysler, and jeep dealer guarantees everyone up to $4,500 cash allowance... on virtually every model. get to your dodge, chrysler and jeep dealer on the double, and get double cash for your old car! >>> the coroner's report of michael jackson's death, which we thought was going to be released at the end of this week, including all that toxicology information, is now going to be made public next week. not this week, as we've been previously led to believe. meantime, police searching the las vegas home and office of j
in buttner, north carolina.. scott, what do you have? >> in north carolina, the federal prison complex here where bernie madoff is now an inmate, he arrived a short time ago. we can show you tape of him arriving here. he was the second person off a bus after taking a long bus ride from atlanta. we are told by local prison officials, he is being housed in the medium security section of this sprawling prison complex. so he will be in with medium security inmates. that is not a particularly pleasant life. it also means visiting hours for his wife ruth or anyone else are limited as opposed to inmates in other parts of this facility. bernie madoff, 71 years old. we are told, again, went straight to the medium security section of the federal prison -- federal correctional complex here in butner, north carolina. we do not know how long he will be here in butner. of course, he was sentenced to 150 years in prison. whether this will be his permanent home or not is so far still to be determined. melissa? all right, scott, thanks so much. trish. >>> thanks, guys. when we come back, details off the gol
on the gun found on 41-year-old patrick barris today in gas toneya north carolina matched those used by the serial killer. >> right now, there is ballistic evidence that we feel good about that links him here. and other evidence that we are trying to confirm right now. that we believe put him in the vicinity of each of the murders here in south carolina. right now we feel good that this is the individual. >> police found barris when responding to a possible break-in in gas toneya. they say he gave a fake name and pulled a gun on police. >> fire rages through a wisconsin meat packing plant. forcing local officials to declare a state of emergency. 100 firefighters descending on the patrick plant after an area between the sprinkler system and roof caught on fire last night. residences and businesses within a mile of the plant asked to evacuate over concerns about toxic fumes, and explosions. so far no one was hurt. >> warm temperatures are headed our way. but is it the calm before the storm? >> we hope not. here is chief meteorologist vytas reid is more. potential rain in the forecast?
carolina, better chance will be toward the south. yesterday wilmington, north carolina, picked up upwards of 6.17 inches of rain in three hours. very significant flooding issues there. now dealing with run-off in wilmington. across the northeast, this area, basically from albany through western connecticut, chance for severe thunderstorms by later on this afternoon. there's a look at the region. let's check out your local forecast. portland, maine, 63 degrees. of course, the cool temperatures, thanks to the cloud cover, onshore winds as well as a chance for showers. grand rapids, michigan, temperatures coming in around 74 degrees. so, dan, of course yesterday was a beautiful day across much of the northeast. now we're starting to see some changes. coming up we'll talk about chances for potential airline delays. >> we've been forewarned. thank you, todd. >>> oil darkens stocks. pepsi invests big bucks in russia. and the one business that truly seems recession-proof. your early morning business headlines straight ahead. >>> plus, he's a metro sexual billionaire cover soccer star. she's a ho
. the investigation continues, which includes a possible break- in near gastonia, north carolina. according to the associated press, south carolina authorities are a on the scene of a burglary, where local police shot and killed a robbery suspect who may be linked to the south carolina slays. they're conducting ballistic testings to see if the bullets from the north carolina location match the crime scenes in south carolina. viviana hurtado, abc 2 news. >>> certified baltimore's most accurate hook,er is chief meteorologist norm lewis and the most powerful doppler radar. >> a string of pretty days today. >> absolutely gorgeous weather. lots of sunshine. low temperatures. low humidity. how many of you are sporting sunburns? >> okay, i am. >> well, you. >> and some others out there. i think everybody else has probably been out in the sun lots. it's been absolutely gorgeous. and it's going to stay that way down through the week. by the end of the week and the weekend, some showers are moving. in, which kind of need it. >> it's getting a little dry out there. outside right now, your shot from ha
are still circulating around south carolina this morning. around wilmington, north carolina, 6.43 inches so flooding concerns there and in the deep south. for us we are dry for the most part. about a 10% chance of isolated evening thunderstorm mainly north of the city. don't think it will happen. only looks like 84 to 88 today. a front will approach so partly cloudy. a thunderstorm possible. 66 downtown, toward tomorrow 78 to 83. so, cooler with a chance for isolated afternoon and evening thunderstorms. more on that seven-day for you in a little bit. >> covering the nation, a man shot and killed by police during a burglary call is the serial killer linked to five deaths. this is a previous mug shot of patrick tracy burris. he was one of the suspects in a burglary in gastonia, north carolina, monday after an officer was shot in the leg. he was shot and killed. officials say evidence at the scene helped identify him as the serial killer. >> finally, al franken is scheduled to be sworn in to the senate today. he arrived yesterday and said he is ready to get to work. he defeated republican incu
this morning. also the mountains of north carolina are getting a little bit of wet weather. here's the dividing line. we're mild north of that. south of that, we're tropical and humid. what a summer it's been for areas. actually, it hasn't even felt like summer in northern new england. a lot of rain in alabama, birmingham. north wards heading up towards dalton. shower activity by greenville, too. notice another cool, beautiful day. mornings chilly in the areas of the great lakes and northeast. the sun will come out full blast, should heat you up to 80 today. afternoon showers and storms all through the southeast. you notice if you don't get the storms you'll be very hot. areas like jackson, mississippi up around 98. i know people are wondering about the shuttle launchment they'll try to do it once again this evening. in the evening you always get those storms. there is a 30% to 40% chance it may get canceled again. that's a look at your national forecast. now a look at the weather outside your weekend. cool in the great state of maine. 76 in portland. philadelphia, heading up to 85. columbus, o
. down south of westminster -- west virginia and kentucky and north carolina. those are the showers and thunderstorms heading our direction. by mid-morning tomorrow morning, probably get rain. and thunderstorms firing up. and then heavy rainfall possibly developing. mid afternoon, and late afternoon. as we see the activity build in. and a lot of instability in the atmosphere to fire off the showers and thunderstorms. and on the future scan we can see the timing of this activity. in the morning rush hour, probably dry. but after that, 8:00 or 9:00, see the rain coming in. and then picking up through the afternoon. heavy showers, by the evening. maybe some gusty thunderstorms to watch for. in some of these storms pushing threw in the heavy rain. so watch that. and then thursday, still slight chance for a shower there looking at what is happening as far as the potential for rain. anywhere from a quarter of an inch. half inch, depending on where the heavy amounts are. everybody will see a little bit of something through the day tomorrow. what is driving it, is that we have the moisture
coast, the outer banks of north carolina, ocean city, rehoboth beach, cape may. daytime highs today only making to about 75 to 70 degrees in ocean city. once this area of high pressure moves ba into the -- about 75 to 78 degrees in ocean city. ang with the humidity and increased dewpoint lvels, it will start to feel more like summer. we have to wait a couple of days to experience that. you can see the clouds pushing up from the south, showers will to the south. earlier this morning, a thunderstorm warnings across portions of north carolina and virginia. everything is now cancelled out. no watches, no one is for us, and we're not expecting anything to become severe this afternoon. mostly cloudy skies this afternoon, afternoon showers, it may be a thunderstorm. just near 80 degrees for a the time high. 60 to 65 degrees for a nighttime low. better chance for showers and thunderstorms by afternoon into the evening hours. not expecting a whole lot of rain, maybe a 10th to a quarter of an inch. here is the extended outlook -- lower 80's on wednesday, back to the mid 80's by thursday and friday
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